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  Cruise Roaming Cell Phone Comparison  

Cruise Ship Cell Phone Roaming Charges

We all know that using your cell phone at sea can be very costly.  We’ve heard horror stories of huge phone bills resulting from massive amounts of data roaming charges.

For this reason, we recommend leaving your cell phone in airplane mode once your cruise ship sails away from your home port.

For those who can’t stop texting or need to make an important phone call while on your cruise, I researched the roaming costs for each cruise line.

Cell Phone Provider’s Cruise Ship Roaming Charges

If you plan on using your cell phone for calling or texting, make sure that your data is turned off.  Using the ships Wi-Fi will be a much less expensive way to check email or social media.

Cruise Ship Cell Phone Roaming Charges by carrier

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Once you are on land, T-Mobile has the most cost effective global roaming plan.  Included on their standard Simple Choice Plan, you receive unlimited texting, data, and .20/minute talk time in 120 different countries.

T-Mobile’s cruising charges are the most expensive, but depending on the countries you are cruising too, their Simple Choice plan may make up for it.


As of 5/4/15, the rates in this post are accurate. by Rich Tucker



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